• Loyalty to the fundamental principles and values ??of the Republic of Turkey.
  • Commitment to national and spiritual values.
  • License and merit.
  • Transparency in work done.
  • Support team awareness and participation.
  • To be respectful and tolerant.
  • Making decisions based on data and knowledge.
  • To be open to new ideas.
  • To be aware of responsibility.
  • Do not compromise on quality of work done.

Aims and Goals;

Ensuring the lawfulness of all kinds of actions and procedures of Sinop University, and advocating the rights and interests of the university at the optimum level in the course of the pending and future proceedings.

Basic Policies and Priorities;

Establishment and implementation of standard procedures in all administrative processes of the unit and ensuring institutionalization and speed; Providing high level of efficiency in the performance of the requirements of the law; Our primary objectives are to prevent damage to the institution, public officials and service buyers.

Our Basic Principles Are;

  • Respect for law and the rule of law,
  • Public service awareness and justice,
  • Professional expertise and continuous improvement,
  • Compliance with ethical principles and human values,
  • Principality and objectivity,
  • Idealism and determination,
  • Impartiality and openness,
  • Honesty and reliability,
  • Respect and courtesy.